Our Clients Make Better Use Of Information

We help you to access information relevant to your business, gain more insights and achieve better results. i3 clients benefit from our experience, expertise and from our holistic approach to information management.



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Business Intelligence

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Document Management


Compliance & Records Management

Do you regularly work with physical or electronic documents and records? If so, how do you retrieve, manage and make the most of your content? And how do you ensure that you are in compliance with regulations?


At i3, we provide you with a complete records management framework, which takes into account legal requirements, policies, processes and tools. This allows our clients to access and utilise the information that they need in the simplest and a most effective way to suit their individual needs. Further information exploitation is supported.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Do your business reports provide you with the insight and figures that you need? How long does it take to implement a change or to amend with new performance indicators in your BI solution?

  • At i3, we can provide you with practical, dynamic and flexible Business Intelligence solutions that turn data into useful information.
  • You can rely on i3 providing you BI as managed service.

More Insights

We offer a range of services that provide businesses with new insights that lead to improved performance and profitability. This includes:

  • Market & Competitor Monitoring
  • Product Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Technology Trends
  • Supply Chain Risks
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Multilingual Search
  • Duplication Recognition
  • Automatic Content Recognition & Qualification

i3 equips you with the appropriate platform to capture and analyse information that provides an insight that will benefit the day to day running of your business. Please contact us to find out more information about our approach.

Document Management

Are you regularly confronted with an ever increasing pile of documents? Do you often undertake a time-consuming search through file after file across multiple business units to find the information you require?


At i3, we can help support you by offering state-of-the-art indexing, archiving and maintenance of your documents. As part of our service we also offer a search functionality that enables you to quickly find the relevant information that you need.


This means you can unlock knowledge and insight in seconds no matter where it is located or what form it is in.

Smart Analytics

Do you have access to large volumes of data? Would you like to use this information to identify patterns and trends?

  • We can make this content available to you in an easily accessible format.
  • We can then analyse this data to visualise the findings and show you the relevant context, patterns and trends.